Cisco CCNA Certification: How To Approach Your Post-Cert Job Interview


Okay, you Attained it!

You have your personal Cisco Certified Network Associate certification.

Now what?

Individuals who pass the CCNA examination fall into one of 3 different types. You might possibly be simply coming in the IT area you may be taking good care of this LAN side and might love to go in the WAN side (that’s where I was after I passed the CCNA), or you could do the task about the WAN side of this machine, you would love to go up the ladder.

Among those ways or another, you are most likely to have to manage the dreaded appointment. Many CCNAs do very efficiently in interviews, and a few do not. I’ve been on every side of this interview, I’ve a few pointers that you become among people who do well and discover that job.

The CCNA can be a amazingĀ mb6-890

To get it’s where all of us commence. Ordinarily do not head in the interview thinking you know what as you’ve got a CCNA. (I am a CCIE and’m the very first to admit I am certainly do not know what.)

Answer questions in case it is true that you don’t have any idea the answer, there’s not any sin. At case that you ready for the CCNA the most acceptable manner — acquiring hands on experience and understanding tougher topics like binary mathematics and NAT — then you’ll be OK.

Don’t stop analyzing your day which you simply pass on the exam. Knowledge that you do not use immediately becomes ruined. It’s nice to have a day or 2 off and watch, however you have to go back to work afterward. Continue reading reviewing your CCNA topics, and get going in your first CCNP evaluation. I’ve seen a lot of newly-minted CCNAs who instantly forgot what they heard for your examination mainly since they stopped analyzing immediately as soon as they handed.

Strategy that interview like it is another CCNA examination. As it’s. Apart from there will be no additional alternate.

Start planning for your assembly before you take the exam. How can you achieve so? Study to your own test the most appropriate method. Acquire some handson experience, maybe in a class or in your rack of apparatus. Receive a quality Cisco education. Ask issues of this inside the specialization. By accomplishing these items today, you’re likely to encounter as a superior candidate into the massive second MB2-715.

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